Give the best present anyone can give


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While adhering to COVID-19 precautionary measures, we can help you create love notes, to send to that special person who might be feeling deserted and forgotten. Remind them that you still care – even when the world is in lockdown!
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Make your emotions and thoughts a reality during this period of isolation.
Choose from our partner and friends icons, and alone or together with your family and friends create personalized Notes of Love!
Create your notes now and spoil someone special!
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How to create your personalized Notes of Love

Pick up a bunch of your loved one’s extraordinary qualities
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Edit, add or take photos alone or invite your family and friends to login and help you personalize the Notes of Love
Save all, receive an instant digital version while you wait for your gift box
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Give the best present anyone can give

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has separated loved ones and families, you may be wondering how to let your loved ones know that your thoughts are with them.
Spice up social distancing by sending them love notes that express how you feel about them. How about recreating the good old times you had together by uploading beautiful photos from vacations, weddings, and of course those silly but romantic early morning selfies. Let us turn them into a magical, romantic moment.
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